About Us

Riviera Advisors is a premier global human resources consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations develop stronger internal recruiting and staffing capabilities. Working with organizations across virtually every industry, from startups to Fortune 500s, Riviera Advisors blends an unparalleled and real-world depth of experience with specific expertise in the critical area of Talent Management. Riviera Advisors offers its clients a number of cutting-edge services including: recruitment process and organizational design; recruitment, corporate recruiting strategy; and training for recruiters, hiring managers, sourcers, and all involved in the efforts to bring the best talent into an organization.

Founded in 2001 and based in Long Beach, California, USA, Riviera Advisors also has representatives located throughout the United States, serving a global client base. Riviera Advisors also manages the STARoundtable, (Strategic Talent Acquisition Roundtable), a networking, success practices and benchmarking community for corporate recruiting and staffing leaders. While based in the USA, Riviera Advisors has provided consulting recruitment services globally with a keen understanding that business is global, but recruiting is local and requires attention and consideration for culture.

What we’re most proud of is being a team of former corporate recruiting leaders who are now dedicated to helping recruiting leaders be more efficient, cost effective, and fast when bringing new talent into your organizations.

The Riviera Advisors Primary Team

Riviera Advisors consultants and analysts are located throughout the United States.

Riviera Advisors, Inc. is  proudly certified as a Diverse Business Enterprise. Riviera Advisors is certified as an LGBTE through the NGLCC.