Are You Effectively Using Social Networks?

According to, the trend of social networking seems to be growing, and employee recruitment in all levels of an organization has become more complicated at the same time that the market for qualified job applicants is shrinking. Ann Nimke, cofounder of Pinstripe, Jason Blessing from Taleo, and Robin McMahon, Senior recruiter at Pinstripe, explained using Web 2.0 and social networks. These are great tools to fill you in the missing links to your employee recruitment strategies when trying to target people with highly specialized skills.

Utilizing social networks and knowing who uses them is a great way to start.

Generation X uses more interactive media like Internet banner advertising, media such as Internet banner advertising, job boards, e-cards, text messaging, cinema advertising, mobile media, billboards, public transportation, radio, and cable television.

Generation Y uses mostly interactive and alternative media to reach this group: job boards, Internet banner ads, networking sites, RSS feeds, blogging, text messaging, streaming video, flash e-cards, e-mail marketing, splash pages, mobile media, radio, cable, coffee cup sleeves, and sporting event and/or program advertising.

Baby Boomers should not be underestimated because many of them know as much as Generation X and Y, and others are picking up on the new technology and social media.

After doing research, for example LinkedIn, become a detective. Once you have an individual’s name that you are interested in LinkedIn, use Google or another search engine to find telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. This process may seem tedious; however, you are reaching out to the passive jobseekers that will not be found surfing online job boards or searching your company’s job postings because they are not actively looking for new jobs.  As the labor market continues to tighten, it will become increasingly necessary to use alternate or nontraditional methods such as social networks.

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