Auf Wiedersehen – Until We See Each Other Again!

Diana Meisenhelter seated in her farewell throne! With the Riviera Advisors team (from left to right, Jeri Egigian, Regina Kim, Andrew Sandoval, Jeremy Eskenazi, and Dan Kilgore)

Hello Friends!  This will be my last blog entry for a while, however I have been asked to continue to contribute to this blog in the future.  After almost eight years of a successful consulting practice with Riviera Advisors, I am going “back into the corporate world.”  I have accepted a new role with FedEx Office.  I will be leading the talent acquisition strategy and national talent acquisition team for FedEx Office, based in Dallas.

I’ve had a fabulous ride with Riviera Advisors, but I’m called back to lead my own team.  I’m very excited about my next adventure, but I couldn’t go without a formal good bye and thank you.  It won’t be as elaborate as Andrew’s, our Intern, video.  Here’s the video. It is a great look into the Riviera Advisors world.

“Oh the places you’ll go…” While at Riviera Advisors, I traveled the world.  I’ve been all over the US, Canada, Australia, Europe…including Lithuania and Poland (who gets that gig?).  I’ve met thousands of very cool people at the many conferences, public speaking engagements and projects I’ve been fortunate to be part of.  I’ve learned up close and personal about many new industries to me, including Entertainment, Gas, Electric and Utilities, Healthcare, Hospitality (Ok, knew that one), Government, Oilfield Services, Technology and Telecommunications, to name a few.  I’ve even improved my writing skills by contributing to this blog.

I’m proud to be acknowledged as a talent acquisition subject matter expert.  I know that my work with Riviera Advisors has made a difference, to my clients and their companies (even maybe some of the people that I may not know, but have read my comments on this blog).

The one most important thing I learned over the last eight years is the importance of “relationships.”  I’ve always been good with people and have “the gift of gab,” but relationships are so such more than that.   In short, I’ve learned you don’t get the business or the trust with anyone (personally or professionally) if you don’t build and cultivate relationships, constantly.  Being a consultant has made me a better friend, and person overall.

I will miss my Riviera Advisors colleagues and friends. There are so many of you (you know who you are).  I’m sad to be leaving Riviera Advisors, but after many personal relocations throughout my life, I know that true friends, last a lifetime.

Most of all:  As Dorothy said to the Scarecrow: “I’ll miss you most of all.”  Jeremy, you’ve been my Scarecrow.  Thank you for your partnership, your friendship and your trust.

It’s never good bye, I’d rather say, Auf Wiedersehen (“until we see each other again”).  Also, if you know me, you know my personal mantra:  “You never meet anyone by accident, chance or coincidence.”  The world is a very small place.

Oh, one more thing.  I’m one of hell of a recruiter and I’m “back in”… See you out there.  Happy Recruiting!

Note from the Riviera Advisors team: Thank you to Diana for all of your years of partnership and friendship. We will miss you day to day, but you will always be part of our team and you are always welcome as part of it.

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Diana Meisenhelter

Diana is an alumnus of Riviera Advisors, and worked with the Riviera Advisors team from 2004-2012 as Principal Consultant.

Diana has over 25 years’ experience leading and being a strategic thinker in Talent Acquisition. She has held key corporate roles as a Managing Director and Vice President of Talent Acquisition, has had a significant experience in global consulting across many industries, including Entertainment, Gas, Financial Services, Electric and Utilities, Healthcare, Hospitality, Government, Oilfield Services, Technology and Telecommunications. She started her career as recruiter. She knows what good looks like from all levels; her passion is in helping companies identify how Talent Acquisition can implement best practices and impact and improve their business.

Most recently she led Talent Acquisition for FedEx Office. Previously, she was Vice President of Staffing and Talent Acquisition for Wyndham Hotels and Resorts and Director of Worldwide Recruitment for Westin Hotels & Resorts, She also was responsible for executive recruitment and College Relations for American General Hospitality and held corporate HR generalist roles for Embassy Suites, Inc. prior to the hospitality industry; she worked in other industries such as healthcare, IT executive search and US government support.

Diana has a Bachelor of Arts, Communications/Business Management from The University of Maryland - College Park and an Associates of Arts, European Studies, The University of Maryland - Munich Campus, Munich, Germany

She is actively engaged in the HR and TA profession and helping the profession by volunteering in key leadership roles in the community: Board of Trustees - DallasHR (local mega chapter for Society of Human Resource Management), Society of Human Resource Management, Member of profession networking groups like CareerXRoads Colloquium and The Conference Board.

Past President the DFW Staffing Management Association (previously EMA), Founding Member Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals, Board of Directors - Woman’s Business Council South West, Talent Acquisition Executive Board/The Conference, SHRM Texas State Council and the Board of Directors for the International Association of Corporate and Professional Recruitment.

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