Diversified enough? Follow these 5 steps!

The US today is more diverse, companies are increasingly recruiting women, minorities, and the disabled, and other qualified diverse candidates. But many companies lack the knowledge of some tactful ways to recruiting diverse people. Here are five simple guidelines to follow:

Getting everyone involved- Educating all employees of the substantial benefits of diversity recruiting will help support and show interest for those initiatives. Also getting the word around to help diverse recruiting efforts may lead employees to refer qualified diverse candidates.

Showcase your company’s diversity as much as possible- Prospective employees need to see that your company is diverse friendly. Try to get diverse employees that are in senior management positions or exciting positions involved to communicate information about the company to the diversity candidate to raise the level of interest in your company.

Work with diversity groups within your community. Your company will generate the priceless word of mouth publically by supporting community-based organizations and will interest qualified diverse candidates.

Spend money- Spend money to get your message about hiring diverse people to the right places. Diversity candidates may look for employment differently than mainstream candidates, so you need to place advertisements in the media that your diversity candidates, read, watch, listen to, and use.

Sell, sell, sell— and measure your return on investment- to attract and retain diversity candidates, employers need to sell their company to prospective diversity employees and present them with a convincing case as to why their company is a good fit for the diversity candidate.

Thanks to DiversityJobs.com for this information.

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