Riviera Advisors is a unique Human Resources consulting firm.  Here’s why:

Our Expertise

Unlike other consultancies in the industry, we are laser-focused in the expertise we bring to our clients: corporate internal recruiting and staffing.  This focus means you’re working with experts who have an extreme depth of knowledge and are deeply familiar with the complexities of Talent Management issues.  It also means we won’t stray from our focus and task of helping you maximize and optimize your internal recruiting and staffing capabilities.

Our Experience 

Each one of Riviera Advisors’ principals has experience managing and leading corporate staffing and recruiting functions.  Together, we bring a combined 100-plus years of real-world experience forged through leadership at some of the most well-known and respected companies.  Through this experience – implementing strategies, testing tools, benchmarking results – our principals have achieved successes, and learned from their failures.  This experience proves invaluable as we work globally with clients across a number of different industries, from start ups to Fortune 500s.

Our Client Service

 Because our principals not only provide the strategic recommendations our clients are looking for, but also do the actual work on each client assignment, we never use third-party “brokers” or “other business partners.”  This highly unique, hands-on approach means our clients receive customized solutions and recommendations, not cookie-cutter options.

What’s more, we’re vendor neutral, which means we’re not “pushing” one product or another for our clients to use.  Why is this important?  Because it means we’re making our recommendations based on what’s best for our clients, not what’s best for us or a vendor.  We believe in pure consulting with unbiased or outside influences.

Finally, generally we work on a flat fee per project.  This means there are no “hidden” or unexpected expenses a client must incur during a project or after work has been completed.  We believe in being upfront with our clients in our recommendations, and we take the same approach with our billing.