The Riviera Advisors Difference

Unlike Other Consultants In Our Space:

  • We are NOT Academics with little or no real-world experiences actually leading recruiting and staffing.
  • We are NOT former pure search firm professionals who have never had to deal with the accountabilities and issues of working inside and leading an internal staffing function within an organization.
  • We are NOT former human resources generalists who have not honed their skills in staffing and leading true internal recruiting functions.
  • We are NOT entrepreneurs who believe in exploiting the potential for economic growth from the staffing and recruiting marketplace without any true experience or expertise in “the trenches”.
  • We are NOT journalists or “pundits” who write about staffing,  recruiting, and HR issues without ever being a practitioner in the field and having the experience of knowing what it’s like to be “on the ground”.
  • We are NOT former HR services professionals from the Outplacement, Recruitment Advertising, Staffing, Recruitment Technology, and other service providers to the staffing/HR function who have little or no real expertise in actually practicing what they preach.

What We Are:

Riviera Advisors is a unique consulting organization. We are not a search firm. We are highly skilled practitioner-focused professionals who have spent many years in leadership roles actually leading corporate staffing and recruiting organizations. Unlike many consultants who are in our space, we have actually “been there, done that”. Our experiences in our careers inside of organizations, we have made many mistakes and have learned from them. We use this expertise in our unique practitioner-focused, direct consulting styles. You will find no former journalists, academics, authors, or search folks here…we are purely and simply consultants who want to share expertise based on the real-life world of organizations.