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As a student at California State University, Long Beach and Talent Acquisition intern here at Riviera Advisors, I was featured in the Career Development Center Student Spotlight. In the interview I gave my insight to fellow students in how to build up their resume, developing different skills, and make them more marketable and competitive by the time they graduate. Since I gave my personal point of view to students in being proactive and taking advantage of all the resources provided by CSULB and any other University, here are some tips for Recruiters and HR to hire student talent.

Some Recruiters think that by posting a job at the University’s Career Development Center to find the right student talent will be easy as turning on a light switch. But to effectively acquire a good amount of quality students who are interested in the company, is by being proactive as well. Attending Job Fairs is great, but think about how some students might be intimidated in approaching the table that you are set up at. What I have found most effective is those employers who participate at campus events, and better yet, sending alumni from universities who now work at the company that are recruiting. Attend student-run organizations and be a guest speaker, resume/interviewing workshops, career panels, networking events, and events set up by students! Some events I have personally attended have been:  Meet the Industries Expo in Long Beach, Interview Summit, United Latino Students Business Leadership Conference, and so many more.

At my university, California State University, Long Beach, our outstanding Career Development Center offers a corporate partner program to proactively be involved with CSULB and its students. The student business organizations are another way to get in contact with and become known with the students. For some students, they either do not know how to access job postings without hearing about the company, some feel intimidated and think they might not have a chance, and others feel that some companies do not really hire students. I highly encourage students to start building their resume in their first year of college to build up confidence and experience by the time they are juniors and seniors. Now its up to the employer to meet students half way and show that you as a recruiter will support them as long as they never stop trying to improve themselves. There are promising students right now, but it would be nice to target a larger pool of competitive students to allow the recruiter choose the best talent for their company and position.

I hope this insight helps recruiters out there trying to target students, any university and student organization would want companies getting involved. And for other students who are putting all of our effort in developing our selves in to young professionals, bottom line is – we want to get hired.

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