Insights: Amplified! Podcast: Randy Goldberg, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts — Focused on Employment Brand and Candidate Experience

  “We want to make sure when somebody tweets out that there’s a job at a particular hotel, but if they’re on their iPhone or mobile device and they click on that link for that job, they should be able to read what that job is. Right now, most companies if you clicked on that job link, it’s taking you to a major ATS vendor, you’re not going to get a mobilized version of that job and you’re not going to be able to apply, right? That doesn’t make for a good candidate experience.” — Randy Goldberg

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Randy Goldberg is responsible for the planning, implementation and evaluation of Hyatt’s recruiting programs and initiatives to ensure that Hyatt’s talent needs are met. Randy works cross-functionally to establish Hyatt’s Talent Acquisition strategy and integrate them into business plans and company-wide practices. These efforts have led to recent recognition for Hyatt including BusinessWeek’s “Best places to launch a career”,’s “top employer list” and others. Peter Clayton met with Randy at the recent HCM Summit in Boston, where he took part in a panel discussion focused on talent acquisition options and innovations.

Goldberg has worked with Hyatt Hotels and Resorts for over 24, years. His career started with Hyatt’s Corporate Management Training Program which led to several operations management positions in properties in Southern California and then Human Resource generalist positions that included positions in Texas and Atlanta Georgia where he was the Divisional Director of Human Resources overseeing the HR function of 25 properties.

Insights Amplified is a co-production of Riviera Advisors, helping organizations improve, enhance and optimize their corporate recruiting and staffing capabilities through sophisticated levels of expertise in tactical and strategic global talent acquisition and by TotalPicture Radio.

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Jeremy M. Eskenazi, SPHR, CMC

Jeremy Eskenazi, is the Managing Principal of Riviera Advisors, Inc.

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