Insights: Amplified. Podcast! Recruiting Campus Hires for the Globe’s Most Remote Engineering Jobs

One of the things that I have to say about recruiting and in particular recruiting metrics is that whenever I come up with a theory about something and start making measurements… I get a big surprise.” Frank McKay

Welcome to Insights: Amplified, a monthly podcast featuring interviews with the movers and innovators in talent acquisition, staffing and corporate human resources. Join host, Peter Clayton as he chats with Frank McKay, Recruiting and University Relations Manager, North America, for Schlumberger Limited and listen to how Schlumberger recruits top-tier engineers to go and work in the globe’s most remote and least “sexy” locales to work on their customer’s oil and gas extraction projects. Before he became a recruiter, Frank Spent 30 years as a working engineer and takes a very analytical view of what he does. Schlumberger employs over 108,000 people of more than 140 nationalities working in approximately 80 countries.

Schlumberger Limited is a global oil field services company supplying technology, information solutions and integrated project management that optimize reservoir performance for customers working in the oil and gas industries. In his current role, Frank directs a campus recruiting organization that is responsible for all of Schlumberger’s on-campus recruiting activities in North America. His organization regularly hires over 1,000 engineering and technical graduates per year.

Insights Amplified is a co-production of Riviera Advisors, helping organizations improve, enhance and optimize their corporate recruiting and staffing capabilities through sophisticated levels of expertise in tactical and strategic global talent acquisition and by TotalPicture Radio.

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Jeremy M. Eskenazi, SPHR, CMC

Jeremy Eskenazi, is the Managing Principal of Riviera Advisors, Inc.

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