Mobile: The Next Revolution in Recruiting

In this 21st century, technology has changed the way people live and specifically mobile technology has changed the way people communicate in all aspects. With the release of smart phones and blackberry’s, people rely on it so much that it has become an extension of themselves. According to (GSMA) and (CTIA), there are currently 4 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, with a projection of 6 billion subscribers by 2013. People are reachable mostly at any time and any place, and it has greatly surpassed the number of PC owners.

With this mobile movement, it has created a new opportunity for companies to engage with targeted candidates in a more personal way. Companies and recruiters need to leverage targeted recruitment tactics to build and cultivate qualified talent pipeline. Since professionals today are usually on-the-go, a great amount of job seekers turn to their phone to gain a competitive edge over other job seekers by proactively staying informed. Recruiters and companies need to find it necessary to incorporate mobile strategies into their overall recruitment program to connect with their target audience, at any time and place.

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