Riviera Video Tip: Managing and Motivating Sourcers

Do you have dedicated Talent Acquisition Sourcers ? How have you motivated them? See what our managing principal, Jeremy Eskenazi has to say! Click on this link to watch the video.

How do you motivate sourcers? The problem might be sourcers are not getting much love; they often feel like they’re a sub-category in the TA Team. Sourcers need to know they are valued and need to know that they are an asset for the company’s success. Sourcers find talent but might not have access to what happens to their work after they find these candidates. What happens to their candidates? Keeping your sourcers in the loop about successful (and even unsuccessful) hires will motivate them to find more and better talent. Connect your sourcing teams with the rest of the organization. When was the last time you had a meeting that included the sourcers, recruiters, and hiring managers? Chris Shaw, Director of Talent at Meteor and former Strategic Sourcing Leader at Twitter was an exceptional team player and connected with his sourcers, “…he made sure to embed his sourcers into the teams they were supporting. This strategy made hiring more top-of-mind for employees, resulting in more referrals from them. Also, as sourcers learned more about each distinct team dynamic, they were able to provide more insight to candidates about their culture.” (“5 Ways to Elevate the Success of Your Sourcing Team”) Without communication, a recruiting function can be less effective and may affect the candidate’s experience.

Engaging in connectivity with your sourcers is essential to your recruiting function and TA Team. Do you have dedicated sourcers? How have you motivated them? Let me know in the comments.

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