Riviera Video Tip: Recruiting Tips for Competing with Big Brands

Do you work for a Company that doesn’t have a strong consumer or employer brand that competes with those that do? Find out how to compete with them by watching this video! Click here to see the video.

Have you ever felt you were in a talent war with one of the big boys of the talent brand world such as Disney, Google, or Facebook? Despite being in a company without those brands, you have to keep in mind what your own company has to offer employees and candidates. What the “Big Boys” can’t provide might be other benefits such as a flexible schedule, job growth, more responsibilities, or a even  higher (or differences in) salary. Some potential candidates might not even join your company for the benefits or higher compensation, the right candidate will seek an opportunity to grow and lead within your company! The difference your candidate wants to make will definitely go unnoticed considering the big boys have thousands of employees. Candidates also have an opportunity to work closely with the senior management. According to CEO of the “Five Star” app, getting talent from well-known companies can also encourage others to make the move, “It’s like a domino effect, as other talent sees the hiring of alumni from Facebook and Google as a signal of quality at your startup,” Victor Ho says. With that being said, don’t be discouraged by your company size. Be proud of what your company represents.

Do you work for a company that doesn’t have a strong consumer brand that competes for talent with those that do? How do you recruit in this competitive environment? Let me know in the comments below.

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