Riviera Video Tip: What can be done to improve your candidate experience?

Watch Riviera Advisors’ Principal Consultant, John Carrozza‘s comments here

Candidate experience is essential towards your organization’s reputation. Not only is it beneficial towards your organization, a great candidate experience will improve your competitive advantage. A potential candidate’s experience starts off with the company’s job posting. A candidate will determine if your requirements are compatible with their skillset and from there they will do a search on your company. The first thing that they will click on is a social media platform to see how the company’s identity and what they stand for. Candidates want to know what it is like to be an employee for your company. Are their employees enjoying their work environment? Do the employees have a good relationship with the corporate staff? When a potential candidate comes in for an interview, are all the employees including the receptionist welcoming? These are all things candidates pay attention to and will impact their decision on accepting your offer. Even after the interview process is over. How soon are you reaching out to your candidates for them to accept? If the offer is not given, are you giving them feedback that will help them get the next position? If the candidate is not working for your company, you want them leaving positive impression on your interview process and your company’s reputation. A candidate’s reputation also leaves an impact on your company’s brand. Will a current candidate spread positive reviews on their experience during your recruiting process? Or, will the rejected candidate spread the word about the interview process and will present others from applying? A candidate should be given an opportunity to sell themselves during an interview and to present them as more than a resume.

Watch John’s video comments here.

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