Riviera Video Tip: What Talent Acquisition Metrics Should I Use?

Do you need help finding out what TA Metrics you should use? Watch this video from our very own Jeremy Eskenazi for some tips. Click this link to watch the video.

Do you have any questions for success practices on metrics? It is important to know that you cannot improve what you can’t measure for all talent acquisition functions.  Without metrics, you would not know if your recruiting process is costly, effective or not. Metrics can give your organization a visual representation of what is going well and what is not working out. Generally speaking, your hiring managers want to know how quickly you can fill spots quickly with quality candidates.

But, there are more useful metrics that can improve your recruiting function. What are your costs? Where are your candidates coming from? Are they from LinkedIn, Indeed, or a third-party agency? Knowing this information can help you decide what is not working and what is not worth paying for. Do you have a diversified candidate pool? Having a diverse team will enhance company’s productivity, increase ideas, and creativity.

During your recruiting process it is essential to track these metrics to pin point your strengths and weaknesses. How have you determined what metrics to use? Let me know in the comments below.

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