When you are thinking about how to improve recruiting, organizations consider outsourcing areas of their recruitment function. Riviera Advisors provides an unbiased approach and can assist as your internal project manager. Getting to best practice recruiting is a challenge that many companies face. We have helped our clients with everything from HR process consulting, to recruiter certifications, to strategy consulting recruitment and more. We are totally vendor neutral and are retained to represent the client organization. We recognize service delivery and performance from a provider is critical for the day-to-day operation of processes and systems. Organizations may need assistance in the “pre sale” phase, by explaining the up-front work needed. A needs analysis or recruiting audit may be needed prior to any type of recruitment process outsourcing review. We are prepared to serve as your project manager.

We know that recruiting budgets are under constant scrutiny. This is why we offer a variety of services and whether Riviera Advisors helps with your end-to-end recruitment strategy, or one corner of your business you are struggling to get more efficient, better aligned with other parts of your business, or enhanced through people or tools upgrades, we are able to help. Our services can be engaged as wide or specialized as your business needs. We do not try to box any of our clients into services they do not need or drag our services out. We want to help you meet your goals and arm you and your teams with the recruiting excellence you strive to deliver each day for your organization. We are ready to step in to give you a little push in the right direction, or the shove into the new space you may have been timid to venture into. We take the worry out of changing your recruiting function, whether it is augmenting your recruiter resources or fully outsourcing your function and bridging to when you find the right next model or vendor for your team.

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