Ginny Eagle


Ginny has a broad range of experience in Talent Acquisition including leading large, corporate recruiting teams across multiple industries and designing and implementing the recruiting function in start-up environments.  Ginny specializes in recruitment process redesign and training.

Ginny led the Talent Acquisition function at AT&T Wireless, Philips, Safeco, T-Mobile, Vestas Wind Systems as well as a couple of small software companies.  Having had visibility to these different businesses has provided a strong foundation of knowledge and experience.

Based on the belief that Talent Acquisition is an operational necessity in all businesses, Ginny has designed recruiting functions that create value rather than additional expense.  Ginny has been successful designing efficient processes, including automation, that are necessary to create an environment where Recruiters can focus on candidate development and account management.  This is where they make the strongest contribution.  Executing an efficient recruiting process creates a competitive advantage.

Ginny enjoys traveling and trying new restaurants with her husband and spending time outdoors with her dogs.  Ginny has a degree in Business Management from University of Phoenix.  A Seattle native, Ginny is based in Seattle, Washington USA.