Katherine Pierce

Talent Acquisition Analyst

Katherine Pierce is a Talent Acquisition Analyst Intern, providing overall analytical and administrative support to the Riviera Advisors team. Katherine works directly assisting the firm’s principal consultants on tasks supporting Riviera Advisors’ clients including qualitative and quantitative analysis of data collected from client companies as part of Talent Acquisition optimization projects. Also, Katherine manages Riviera Advisors’ social media communities including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In addition to her work at Riviera Advisors in the successful, Talent Acquisition Analyst Internship program, Katherine is a senior at California State University Long Beach (CSULB) where she is majoring in Human Resources Management. She is an active member of the CSULB Human Resource Management Association (HRMA). Katherine has had a successful career in the Spa and Wellness industry. Prior to joining Riviera Advisors, she was Office Manager at Newport Beach Wellness responsible for HR activities and office administration for a busy Chiropractic and Wellness practice. Previously, she was Spa Coordinator at Spa Radiance in San Francisco, California. Katherine received her Associate in Science in Business Administration and Management from Orange Coast College, and expects to receive her Bachelor’s degree from California State University Long Beach in 2020. Katherine is based in Long Beach, California.

(If you would like more information on the Riviera Advisors Talent Acquisition Analyst Internship program, please contact the CSULB Career Development Center. The program is open to CSULB and other invited students, in their junior/senior year. You may also contact Katherine directly via email)