Dan Jessup, Vice President-Human Resources, Groupon

Dan Jessup, Vice President, Human Resources, Groupon- Podcast from ERE Expo Spring 2011, San Diego, CA
March 28, 2011

Straight from San Diego, California and ERE Expo Spring 2011, listen to Host Peter Clayton interview Dan Jessup has been with Groupon since June 2009, directing recruitment as the company scaled from approximately 50 employees that summer, to over 1,000 in North America in Q4 of 2010. He transitioned to Vice President of Human Resources in the Fall of 2010, as the company began to build out a larger internal HR team to reflect and expand the company’s employment brand and culture. Dan’s background is in talent acquisition and training, with a double life as an improv actor. According to an article in Forbes, Groupon is the fastest growing start-up ever. Faster than Google — faster than Facebook. How does Dan balance his acting career with a very demanding job at Groupon? Hear TotalPictureRadio host, Peter Clayton reporting from ERE Expo 2011 Spring in San Diego, California. The first question Peter asked Dan… “Tell us about the candidate experience… Groupon is a hot company — I’m sure a lot of job applicants think this is a place where they can pile on the stock options and get rich quick. How do you deal with the volume of candidates and still keep people happy about your brand and the customer relationships?” At the end of the interview, (as a total goof), Peter asked Dan if he was auditioning for the Aflac duck. They both had a good laugh. Later that night, Peter saw Dan in the hotel lobby. He said, “my agent called me this afternoon to audition for Aflac!” .

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