What’s New?

Lately I’ve been hearing recruiters say that there isn’t anything new going on in recruiting.  I hear comments like, “It’s all the same stuff and we are all beating the same topics to death.” With all the changes and innovations that have occurred in the last ten years, can it be that we’ve now stalled?

No, I don’t think so.  I choose to think differently.  I believe it is all your perspective.

So as I pondered this idea of what’s going in on recruiting today, I thought back to when recruiting was new to me.  What I recall is that it was all about the possibilities and what we could do to make a difference.  I may have been young and hungry but there was a sense of exploration and trail blazing in everything we did.  I saw new stuff around me every day and I even created some of it myself.

There is plenty of new stuff going on out there.  It can often be found in the way different people see the same old things.  For example, I recently spoke with a client of mine who is an Engineer by trade and is now running a global recruiting function.  He has been creating new measurements for his recruiter’s performance.  He shared with me how he ties recruiter performance and candidate fit.  And he didn’t use the word, “staffing metrics,” once.  He is looking at the work like an Engineer, like his business.  See, he looked at the same old topic in a whole new way.  His story continues to evolve and gets more interesting every day.

If you don’t see anything new, maybe it’s time to create it yourself.  Or, at least it’s time to get back in love with the profession again.

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