Since its founding in 2001, Riviera Advisors has worked with a wide array of organizations in virtually every industry, from startups and Fortune 500’s, to firms with North American and global scope.

Our clients appreciate our real-world experience, our laser-focus expertise in internal consulting recruiting services and recruiting, and the customized, hands-on approach we take to finding solutions to their needs.

By setting clear expectations for deliverables and results, and partnering in true collaborative form, we achieve the highest levels of success with our clients. We use best practice recruiting lessons from across the industry and our experience to customize each interaction with have with your team. We want you to be the go-to recruitment expert at your organization with a clear path how you will continue to improve recruiting and help your team become trusted and strategic talent advisors.

We are proud of our track record of satisfied clients. We have helped them with everything from behavioral interviewing training, to recruiter certifications, to training hiring managers, and full recruitment process overhauls. There are very few areas of recruiting we don’t have direct experience helping our clients optimize for and we would like to help you too.

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